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Hardwood vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

One of the most popular flooring options, and really a sought-after amenity in every home, is hardwood flooring. With its sleek, polished appearance and natural beauty, it’s easy to understand why so many homeowners prefer wood flooring throughout their home.

In older traditional homes, original, authentic hardwood floors are a norm. But today, with the high costs of home construction, homeowners are looking for ways to still add all the bells and whistles while being economical. The lower price point of laminate flooring is the perfect solution to remodeling or constructing on a budget. Whatever your preference, there are pros and cons to both hardwood and laminate wood flooring.

Wood-look laminate flooring boasts UV protection and is resistant to scratches and dents, making it perfect for placement in high-traffic and sun-drenched areas. Today’s laminates can hold their own against their pricier hardwood counterparts.

Cost is easily the biggest selling point of laminate flooring – it typically runs half the price of hardwood. But, before you spring for the best-priced laminate you can find, bear in mind that lower-quality (read cheaper) laminate often looks less realistic. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, some homeowners swear by hardwood’s character and refuse to settle for anything less, particularly when remodeling an older home. But the same organic attributes that lend warmth and character to hardwood can be a turnoff for some – specifically the effects of long-term wear and aging of wood. Unlike laminate, hardwood reacts to intense sunlight and is sensitive to high-heeled shoes, pets, kids, and furniture, all of which can dent and scrape the wood.

Making a decision to buy either hardwood or laminate flooring can be confusing. Contact our team today to learn more about laminate flooring in Lewisville versus wood flooring and which better suits your needs.

Selecting the Best Carpet for your Home

part_1469203589885Does this sound familiar to you? You head to your local carpet store in order to pick out a new style for your home. You convince yourself it will be a quick trip – in and out! Pick out your favorite shade, pay, done! Except that never happens! Once there there’s a mountain of details to sort through – do you want Nylon or Polyester? Shag or solid cut pile? Do you prefer cut and loop? And the colors. So many colors! How does a person narrow it down to one choice?

Shopping for carpet is a lot like shopping for a car. It involves a huge financial investment, plus all the different styles, colors and brands can make your head spin. With so many different colors, materials and designs available, it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home. Some materials may require frequent cleanings that simply won’t fit into your busy schedule, while the wrong carpet may wear out quickly, fade or show stains.

Having an idea of what to look for and what will work best for your specific needs will save you a lot of stress while shopping. Here’s some food for thought that will be beneficial in helping you make a decision.

Padding – Don’t be tempted to skimp on carpet padding to save a few dollars. Carpeting relies on a layer of padding for support, strength and a bit of extra cushioning.
Colors and Patterns – Narrow your search by choosing shades that match the overall mood or tone you want to set for each room. Try cool blues or greens to create a calm, peaceful setting; while light colors can make small rooms feel larger and more open, so try cream or tan.
Stairs – It’s critical to select the right carpeting for your stairs. A cut-pile carpet is a better choice than a looped pile.
Maintenance – Stick with carpeting you can maintain easily. Homeowners with young children or pets may want to avoid hard-to-clean shag or high-end rugs. Stain-resistant carpets can eliminate the frustration associated with spills and may cut your cleaning time.
Carpet Installation – The quality of your carpet’s installation is just as important as the quality of the carpet itself. A second-rate job can leave you with obvious seams, lumps, bumps and other issues. For the best experience and selection for flooring Lewisville, TX, Design Floors is your store!
Budget – Even the most luxurious carpet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Shop around to find carpet that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Finishes

natural-stoneChoosing the right flooring for your home is a big commitment. If you’re looking for a type of flooring that will last longer than a carpet and that is easy to maintain, natural stone is an excellent choice.

Natural stone flooring is beautiful, durable, and versatile. As its name suggests, natural stone comes from nature, so each and every tile is distinct and unique. No two tiles are the same.

Choosing the right slabs, or tile, to incorporate into your interior deserves careful consideration. Before you buy, here are a few things to consider.

Showrooms and home-design centers have lots of samples and can order similar stone for you. But if you go to a stone yard, you’ll have your choice of native materials. Plus, you can pick out the pieces that will actually be used in your home, which is an advantage since no two are the same.

Ask an expert if the stone you’re interested in is right for your needs. Your first consideration will be how it looks, of course. But while most types of stone are durable and stand up to a variety of uses, each has its own distinct qualities.

Select a finish for your stone that suits how you plan to use it. A highly polished finish, for example, is perfect for a countertop but too slippery for a bathroom floor.

Honed stones have the most natural-looking finish. After the stones are cut, they are sanded with a coarse abrasive to create a smooth, matte surface.

Buffed and distressed stones are first burnished to remove imperfections. Their surfaces are then weathered to create an aged look.

Brushed and hammered stones are first treated with stiff bristles, which give them a moderately rough finish. Hammers similar to pick axes are then used to create a pocked effect.

Satin brushed stones are treated as brushed ones are, but with softer bristles. This method results in a smoother finish.

Highly polished stones (like onyx) have a glassy look. Fine abrasives smooth the surface in the same manner sandpaper is used on wood.

Weigh the price of stone against its longevity. The material will last a lifetime, so it’s worth the investment. Plus, it will likely add to the value of your home. To learn more, contact Design Floors for flooring in Lewisville, TX.

Unique Flooring Options with Natural Stone

versi-travertine-3If you’re building a new house or are planning to remodel your existing home, choosing the right flooring materials is an important step in the process. Making the right selection, utilizing products that will elevate your homes beauty, is likely on the top of your list. If you’ve not researched natural stone flooring and all of its beauty, allow us to educate you.

Natural stone flooring is an excellent choice for a number of reasons, including its stunning appearance. Stone is the only material that improves with age and lasts a lifetime; plus, its natural variation adds character.

Natural stone flooring comes in many styles and can suit both a traditional and contemporary setting. It is both at home in a country cottage as well as an urban townhouse or apartment. It is ideal for hallways, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, and is increasingly being used in living areas and bedrooms. Stone goes well with other natural materials such as wood, too. Natural stone flooring is unique, as every tile is a one off and its look cannot be recreated by man-made materials.

A stone floor is durable and will stand the test of time. It is easy to clean, practical yet stylish. The price of natural stone has decreased in recent years making it a luxurious yet affordable floor covering.

If a one-of-a-kind, unique floor covering is something that appeals to your aesthetic, contact our flooring company in Lewisville to learn more about natural stone floors and backsplashes.

Bathroom Remodeling Guide

bathroom-1336164_1920The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your bedroom is your sanctuary, but the other room in the house that you spend plenty of time in is the bathroom. For that very reason, you want it to be a space you enjoy, that is both pleasant to look at and functional.

Whether your house is your forever home or just a temporary one, remodeling the bathroom is a great investment for any homeowner. Not only is it a redesign that will pay for itself in the sale, but the remodel will increase your quality of life – a win-win!

Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces, so you really want to focus your remodel on space and storage issues, as well as fixtures and design style. Looking for some bathroom remodel tips? Here are some inventive design tips to get you inspired.

The best place to start with any remodeling project is the budget. Not only will it have a big impact on the type of materials you select for your bathroom renovation, it will also help you set the boundaries of your design. Knowing where you can spend and what you need to cut back on will help you get creative!

Going “green” is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for you. Green products have great design, tend to function better, which lowers utility bills, and they’re also chemical-free, making them better for your health. Being eco-friendly doesn’t only mean buying the newest light fixture or faucet either, it can also mean painting a cabinet instead of tossing it out for the trash.

Update the faucets and hardware. If your basic fixtures are in pretty good shape, then skip this expensive upgrade and focus on sprucing things up. Replace faucets and knobs, towel bars, light switches, and outlet covers for a whole new look.

Replace your lighting. Lighting can either make or break a décor. The key here is to use enough lighting so that the room doesn’t look shadowy or dim, but not so much that the light is harsh. Dimmer switches are a great solution.

Bathroom redesign can be a complicated venture, so do what you can, but know when to hire a contractor. For bathroom remodeling in Keller, call on the experienced team at Design Floors; from new counters to shower installation and vanities we can help bring your ideas to reality.

Give Your Kitchen A Facelift!

home-1416381_1280Updating your kitchen design can be an expensive undertaking when you consider all of the areas you can improve; from new floors, cabinets and counter tops, to appliances and hardware. But you don’t need a complete kitchen overhaul in order to give the space a much-needed facelift. Instead, incorporate some new with the old, and with some style and ingenuity you can leverage a few changes into a completely new look.

We’ve compiled a list of low cost, minimally invasive options that can be done yourself and only take a few hours, as well as one area that requires some investment, but is worth every penny.

#1 A Fresh Coat of Paint
Most kitchens have a neutral theme, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With one bold color accent, you can transform a small space into appearing larger while brightening up the entire room. Color isn’t only reserved for walls. Give your old cupboards a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Color can be scary, but it can also be the accent that brings your room to life.

#2 Updated Hardware
Whether you decided to repaint your cabinets a bold new color, or they are still the original hue, a great way to give the space a new look is with updated hardware. Change the look and feel of your cabinets with stylish new knobs and handles.

#3 New Countertops
Replacing countertops is a big job and certainly not a quick fix, but it’s worth the expense when the job is done. Turn an ordinary kitchen with dated Formica counters into an extraordinary one with tile, marble or granite countertops in Lewisville, TX. The transformation your kitchen will undergo with just the addition of new countertops will give the space a completely new look.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You want to enjoy the setting you’re in, gathering with your family and friends. A few small DIY changes and the installation of new countertops and you’ll never want to leave your modern new kitchen.

Superior Flooring, Service, Support and Installation

Fireplaces & StairwaysIn business for nearly 10 years, Design Floors opened their doors in 2008 as a partnership between two friends who wanted to leverage their industry experience into providing the finest flooring selections, coupled with superior customer service and product knowledge.

Our well-earned reputation as the finest local flooring retailer has steadily grown our business through repeat business and word-of-mouth advertisement. Our focus on customer service has been the key to our success – including our superior installation skills – making us the premiere flooring company in Lewisville.

Initially specializing in hardwood flooring, over the years we have expanded our offerings from hardwood to almost every type of flooring, including:
•             Hardwood Flooring
•             Carpet Flooring
•             Laminate Flooring
•             Vinyl Plank and Tile Flooring
•             Natural Stone Flooring
•             Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

As a locally owned and operated flooring company, we are able to offer personalized service to all area customers without sacrificing high quality and affordability.

As an all-in-one flooring warehouse, we provide sales and installation, as well as full support for remodeling projects. We strive to offer the best customer service and installation for our customers as well as the best prices on the most trusted name brand products on the market.

Our focus is on providing the best value for your investment in home improvement, and our track record speaks for itself: our customers get a good deal for a better product and the best support. Stop in our fully-stocked showroom to see for yourself everything we have to offer. We know you’ll find the prefect flooring option for your home, office or business.