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FAQs about Hardwood Flooring in Highland Village

FAQs about Hardwood Flooring in Highland Village


When you’re remodeling, adding an addition, or building a new home, you will have to pick between a variety of flooring options for various rooms. It helps to know more about your different options, one of the most popular being hardwood. Below, we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hardwood flooring in Highland Village to help you get to know your options.

What’s the difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring?

Both of these options are made using real wood, so don’t let that worry you. Solid wood flooring is constructed using just that: solid planks of wood. This option can be used in any room except a basement. Solid wood floors can easily be sanded and refinished. Engineered wood floors are manufactured using multiple layers of real wood veneers in which the grain of each layer runs perpendicular in order to create a dimensional stability. Engineered wood flooring expands and contracts less than solid wood when during weather changes.

Can I place hardwood flooring on an existing floor?

Engineered wood flooring can be glued down over an existing floor in certain situations. For example, a vinyl floor that is fully adhered to the sub-floor provides little bounce and could easily have engineered wood flooring placed on top of it.

How can I prevent pet damage to hardwood flooring in Highland Village?

There are a variety of things you can do to help keep your floors in good condition with pets running around. To start, choosing a satin or matte finish for your flooring will help hide small scratches while a glossy finish will tend to illuminate them. In addition, trimming your pets’ nails regularly will help prevent any real damage to the floor itself.

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