Is your bathroom feeling a bit drab? If that outdated medicine cabinet and vanity, dull wall coloring and dingy flooring is an eye sore, than it’s time to update with a renovation!

A bathroom remodel in Flower Mound is the perfect way to not only increase value in your home, but will also add value to your life! A lush and sophisticated new bathroom space will leave you feeling pampered in the luxury of your own home.

As you begin to consider a remodel and start the planning process, you’ll need to decide what you do and don’t like about your current bathroom. Most importantly, decide what you can and can’t live without. Even though it may seem like a small room, there’s a lot that can go into a bathroom remodel. Between a new tub, sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, tiling and other fixtures, a small renovation can balloon into a big project. Decide on a budget and settle on what’s most important to you and plan the project around that.

Do you want to alter the layout? If the bathroom seems too crowded, it might be worthwhile to move some fixtures around. Be careful, though – moving around plumbing and electrical fixtures will take a lot more labor than just installing new ones and that means more time and money. Keeping the original layout may be for the best, especially if you’re upgrading to more high-end fixtures.

Whether you decide to just update one or two things, or completely redo your bathroom, be sure to plan ahead and work around a budget that’s affordable for you and in the end you’ll be able to enjoy some R & R in your beautiful new space.