Granite. It’s one of the most popular natural countertop surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. And for good reason – it’s durable, easy to maintain and above all else, it elevates the beauty and sophistication of a room. Designing with it is also one of the easiest ways to update a dull kitchen or bathroom and improve your home’s value instantly.

There are many variations of granite, and each provides a modern, yet timeless look to the space in which they are used. One feature of granite countertops are their pattern diversity. Some granite patterns look like marble, while others resemble sand. Various vein patterns, swirls, and specks can be found across different types of granite. Each slab is uniquely different, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your overall design.

The variety in color choices also makes granite a particularly unique design option. The color of granite is dependent on the crystal that makes up the majority of the cut piece and it comes in many shades of white, gray, black, pink, orange, green, brown, and blue.

For the on-the-go-family, ease of care is also an import feature of granite. It offers the perfect combination of beauty and durability. With proper care and sealing, which will help keep counters from staining or absorbing liquids, granite will hold up well and last for many years.

With granite, you’ll always have a unique feature in your kitchen or bathroom, as no two slabs look exactly alike. Transform your kitchen or bathroom with sleek, sophisticated and seamless granite countertops in Flower Mound, TX.